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Working with blog tags

By Rebecca Wade
February 5, 2021

Tags allow you to assign one or more tags, or keywords, to a post. If your website has been developed to display tags they can help your users navigate to other posts containing similar information or keywords. For example: a post about catering for a wedding may contain the keywords “catering” and “wedding”. Clicking on the tag “wedding” may take the user to other posts assigned the tag “wedding” like booking a wedding photographer, or finding wedding cars.

To add a tag to a post, enter the tag in the Add new tag field and click on the Add button. The tag will appear below immediately with the heading Tags used on this post:

To remove a tag from a post, click on the “x” next to the tag in the list.

To choose from a list of the most widely used tags in the site, click on the link that reads “Choose from the most popular tags” and a list of tags will appear for you to choose from. Simply click on the tag(s) you want to use and they will automatically be linked to this post.

NB: It may be best consult with us before adding lots of tags!